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Visual Sound Laboratory 4.0

VSL is unusual sound editor and sound creator. You can create a project from visual modules and then create a new sound. You can write new module (using BCB 4) and add it to VSL.

Default language is Russian. You will have to switch it to English in menu...

VSL main screen:


Download VSL 4.0 (about 3.0 mb)


Styles for Yamaha PSR-630 and Yamaha Visual Arranger

I like to play my Yamaha PSR-630. My styles collection has more than 1000 styles.

Have a rest with your Yamaha and my collection:

Category Amount Download
Ballad 160 Download



Big band





Country 65 Download
Dance 87 Download
Disco 24 Download




Latin 134 Download
Pop 58 Download
R&R 85 Download
Reggae 15 Download
Rock 97 Download
Waltz 15 Download
World 115 Download
YVA styles 46 Download
My styles 5 Working on

I am grateful to = DiMAN = for space on his site http://xg.midi.ru/ for my style collection
Do not forget to visit it. You will find some XG soft and XG-MIDI files.


CasmEdit - Yamaha style editor and creator

This programm allow you to edit the standart Yamaha SFF files (*.sty) or create your own style from the midi file.

CasmEdit main screen:


Download CasmEditor 1.14 ( 577 kb)

Version 1.14 is updated on May 30 2001

Download CasmEditor 1.15 ( 582 kb)

Version 1.15 is updated on August 17 2001

ATTENTION! The new version of CasmEdit can be downloaded from here: http://www.mnppsaturn.ru/osenenko

How to use CasmEdit to create the YAMAHA format style

Instrument definition of Yamaha PSR-630 for Cakewalk

If you have PSR-630 and your favorite midi programm is Cakewalk - download instrument definition for Yamaha PSR-630:

Download psr-630.zip (9 kb)

Macroassembler for MSC-51 compatible microprocessors

Default macroassembler language is Russian. To switch it to English use key -E in command line:

A32.EXE -E file1.ext [file2.ext] [file3.ext]

I am sorry, but help is Russian.

Download a32.zip (43 kb)


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